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30. Dec 11

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Laith Salma

About Laith Salma Laith Salma is a 23-year old medical student, currently living in New York. Although originally from Saudi Arabia, he has moved here and is undecided as to whether he will apply for...

29. Dec 11

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PC Pro Schools' Videos

PC Pro Schools is a Microsoft IT Certifications academy. It's something like the community college that you have available, but much more focused and much more dedicated to getting you a job. Unlike a...

22. Dec 11

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Pc Pro Schools

In this video you can watch a review of one of the graduated students from PC Pro Schools. To learn about the services provided please visit

20. Dec 11

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An engine for christmas

In this holiday season, when our temptation is to give in to consumerism, does it not make more sense to give a gift that will be genuinely useful? We know how absurd that must sound. Who thinks of...

30. Nov 11

PC Pro Schools

The days of keeping critical documents in locked file cabinets, although still occurring at minor levels today, has been significantly reduced by the tremendous amount of communications that occur via...

29. Nov 11

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What is a Sales Manager?

Managers are often regarded as the low point of the office. They can be fun, and they can be good leaders, but by and large they have a reputation for getting where they do by default, rather than leg...

28. Nov 11

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Holidays Are Here

It's that time of the year again. That time when the car companies are going to start advertising their cars with red ribbons and bows and all kinds of neat little fixings. Of course, they don't like ...

23. Nov 11

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5 Things to Love About the USA

The USA has a lot of things to love. There is a lot of good in it, and I wouldn't want to study anywhere else. But it seems like you don't know how good you have it here. Here are some things I love a...

21. Nov 11

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GoRenter's Blog

Home on Magnus Dr, Queen Creek, Arizona Home on W. Weldon street, Phoenix, Arizona Advantages of hiring GoRenter

18. Nov 11

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From One Place to Another

I must say that New York is a very different place from Saudi Arabia. Never mind that none of the women walk around covered up or anything like that. I don't want to open up that kind of discussion. I...


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